Samsung galaxy S8: Beautiful as fragile

Samsung just heated smartphone market with its new flagship phones S8 and S8+ with a catchy slogan of Infinity screen.I have to say these are the most beautiful smartphones available in the market.Edge to edge pitch perfect glass finish and a glowing screen actually lives up to its name.

I am flattered by the marketing of Samsung, every hoarding boards, every screen in the street, stores store……I would not be wrong to say that Samsung’s marketing budget is more than the total revenue of some other flagship phones.I am very impressed with the drastic design improvement in Samsung phones.I still cannot say which phone is which if you keep s1,s2 and s3 together.but now..when I look at the change Samsung made, especially to its design…WOW.

I am personally not satisfied with the camera of S8.its an excellent camera but is loaded with the same camera of s7 with software improvement while other smartphones are trying to break the ground in camera performance.But it still has the unbeatable camera performance.I just hope they could have upgraded the camera instead of just software editing.

S8 is undeniably the most beautiful and one of the most powerful phone with most advanced chipsets attached inside.It is loaded with some unique features as Iris scanner, DEX computer etc. Some weird features such as fingerprint scanner placement at the back of a phone dedicated Bixby button that no one wants and kind of fragile.We have to more than careful to handle this beauty because one mishandling can be more than enough to put visible scratches over the full glass body.But in every other way you can imagine, it lives up to its claim but sure not to its price tag.

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