Oneplus changed the concept that you don’t have to spend on the most expensive device to get the best.You can get the better device for almost half the price.This is the reason why OnePlus 3t is known as “FLAGSHIP KILLER”.

It was released in late 2016 equipped with the latest chipset Qualcomm snapdragon 835 of the time.It’s literally a nightmare for companies like  samsung, Apple. It’s not a  surprise that Oneplus shakes the market it launches its phones.Oneplus 3t is no change in design from its predecessor oneplus 3 mentionable upgrades.IT managed to solve the camera issue with adjusting 16 mp in its front camera.battery capacity increased to 3400 mAh while its the fastest charging flagship phone in the market at the has the fastest fingerprint scanner with a premium metal build Android finish.

Oneplus is one of the first devices to use Android nougat, Oneplus proved that its super fast in terms of an upgrade.It is a complete pack with the specification that you look for in a phone.It’s not waterproof, a camera is the best performer, no expandable storage but those are the simple compromises that you should be willing ti make to get the phone that performs in a lightning speed considering the price of this device.I have not seen anyone who says who is not happy for owning this beast.I would personally refer this to anyone coz its an amazing device and you won’t regret.

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