Among the smartphones with a High-end specification, HTC phones manage to fill their smartphones with all the upgraded features and yet manages to make a place among the underrated phones.

Well,flagsip.this might not be the case for HTC flagship phone this year because HTC tackled with its worst enemy with quite a  swing, HTC has always been the second choice when it comes to camera performance.It was quite an improvement by the company for HTC 10 regarding the camera issue but In 2017, the camera is better than ever.According to DxOMark, HTC U11 camera has the greatest camera ever in a smartphone even the score of 90, that is one more than Samsung galaxy s8 which is presently the first choice for the camera phone.

HTC has a history of bringing new features.This time it indroduced squeezing the phone feature for some programs like camera, Flash, shooter etc.It is just like a capacitive home button function but may prove to be extremely useful in winter days.Design also is the great change making it shiny color changing beautiful phone except for the fact that it makes the phone a fingerprint magnet.

HTC U11 brought improvement such as camera, Water proofing, removal of the headphone jack(iPhone copy), removal of  OIS in front facing camera etc.We will have to wait to see if these changes help HTC to stand out from other competitors.I am pretty optimistic for HTC U11 in 2017.


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